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You know you need a website for your business but you're not sure where to turn for guidance. Everyone has access to a computer, tablet or phone.  Will your customers be able to find you?

Here are a few more questions that you might want to ask yourself.  Will you be able to find someone who understands what you need and better still will you be able to understand the technical questions that they ask you?  Someone who speaks your language and understands that perhaps this is not your strength?  Maybe you just need someone to create the site for you, someone who will then teach you step-by-step how to update it yourself. 


Marianne can do that for you.  Why?  Because she knows what it feels like to  be unsure about where to turn and she wants to be able to help you.:


"I decided to learn web design when I was one of the owners of Horizon Aviation.  We were a start up company and didn't have the money to hire someone so I taught myself.  Since then I have designed websites for myself and for many solopreneur women. 


Previoulsy someone had to have special software to create their website which had a tough learning curve.  Now there are online programs that are simple for most people to learn.  Most solopreneur women prefer to have their site designed for them so that they might use their time more productively in growing their business.  Going forward, some choose to have their site updated and maintatined for them while others with simple instruction do so for themselves.


Here are a few of the websites that Marianne designed and maintains.  Check the links provided with each business to see the website in detail.


Kahlua Beach Club

Kahlua Beach Club is a time share resort in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. They needed a website that showed the incredible beauty of the resort for potential renters while providing a one stop location for the owners to communicate and share their adventures with each other.


This very large website does both.  The variety of photos and the 360 degree video helped visitors get a glimpse of the incredible seaside paradise they will experience when they visit.


Owners have their own area where they can share news about the resort, the board of directors, and upcoming units for sale.  There is also a page for each of the 52 time share weeks for owners to share pictures of their exciting vacations.


Visit the site by clicking on www.KahluaBeachClub.com

Valerie Sold My House

Valerie has been in real estate for many years.  She recently decided to add her own website so that she would have a way for her prospective clients to reach her directly.  Her domain name tells the story of her success in the business - Valerie Sold My House!


Here's what she had to say about working with Marianne:

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Marianne Douglas on the creation of my website. What a wonderful experience it was! Marianne had so many great ideas for me and she made what I thought would be a daunting task so quick and easy! I am very pleased with the end result and I highly recommend Marianne Douglas!"


Valerie's site is no longer live as she now works for HomeSmart.

Sakonnet Pottery Ornaments

Sakonnet Pottery Ornaments makes handmade ornaments that are personalized for any occasion.  Because of this, each of the close to 250 ornaments required its own page with its own PayPal link.


The site is organized by type of ornament as well as individual ornament.  Over 275 pages long, it delivers exactly what the owners wanted - it's an online catalog that allows fans to find them year round.


Check out the beautiful ornaments at www.SakonnetPotteryOrnaments.com

Kaleidoscope Theatre

Kaleidoscope Theatre is a children's theatre company that was looking to update the look of their website.  They had a list of qualities they were looking for - soft colors, lots of pictures, drop down menus where they could list all their shows, and pictures that rotated automatically.


This design met with all their conditions as well as giving the overlook of a kaleidoscope.  


Check out the wonderful plays they offer at www.KaleidoscopeTheatre.com

Story Book Dolls

Story Book Dolls creates handmade three in one topsy turvy dolls of your child's favorite fairy tale character as well as dolls with coordinating finger puppets.  

The challenge with this site was to find a way to show all 3 characters of a particular doll in a way that potential buyers could truly see what they were purchasing. 


Check out the link on each doll to see how this was accomplished. and of course, to see these beautiful dolls at  StoryBookDoll.com

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